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About the Whitelists



The Spamhaus Whitelist Company Ltd., is a privately held company based in St Helier, Jersey (Great Britain). The whitelist company levereges Spamhaus's over ten years of expertise in running email sender reputation systems which has made Spamhaus the Internet's main anti-spam system, trusted and used today by the majority of internet networks worldwide.

To maintain the self-governance and integrity of the Spamhaus Project's blocklist operations, The Spamhaus Whitelist and The Spamhaus Project are entirely separate independent organizations. There is no cross-over of operations or staff, no parent in common and their headquarters are in separate countries. This is especially important to ensure and emphasize that The Spamhaus Whitelist Company has no control over The Spamhaus Project, nor any ability to influence Spamhaus Project policy, nor removals from Spamhaus Project blocklists.

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