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The Spamhaus Whitelist
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Abuse Control
The Spamhaus Whitelist employs a highly experienced Abuse Team to monitor and rapidly suspend IPs or domains involved in spam issues. To enable fast suspension the whitelist DNS zones are rebuilt at a one minute frequency. Abuse of the Whitelist system is monitored in multiple ways, including automatic monitoring of spamtraps, feedback loops and via reports submitted by trusted end users of the whitelist system itself.

If you are a Spamhaus Whitelist user and have received spam from an IP address or domain listed on the Spamhaus Whitelist, you are encouraged to report it to us immediately - the quicker the better.

How to report spam from a whitelisted IP or domain

There are two ways to report spam from a whitelisted IP or domain, you can use either:

Whitelist Abuse Report Form

Send a complaint complete with the spam email's full email headers and body content to:

Note that we do not accept anonymous reports, the Spamhaus Whitelist Abuse Group must be able to verify your identity and must be able to verify that the evidence in the report is authentic.

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