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The Spamhaus Whitelist

The Spamhaus Whitelist
The Spamhaus Whitelist allows mail servers to separate incoming email traffic into 3 categories: Good, Bad and Unknown.

Now you can block known bad email traffic, let known good email traffic pass safely, and heavily filter unknown email sources.

The benefit is better, faster and infinitely safer spam filtering.

Both an IP whitelist (SWL) and a domain whitelist (DWL) are available now from Spamhaus servers worldwide. Using them is simple and free.
For recipients, the Spamhaus Whitelist heralds an end to messages marked by error as spam by scoring systems and content filters. For email senders, it means an end to important mail lost in junk folders, delayed or wrongly filtered as spam.

For transactional mail, such as ecommerce systems, banking, airline booking, mail from medical centers, judiciary or government agencies, it means mail arrives no matter how heavily filtered the receiver's mailbox is. With the
Spamhaus Whitelist email becomes truly reliable.

Only verified legitimate senders with clean reputations are approved for whitelisting and there are strict terms to keeping a whitelist account. Applications for whitelist accounts are currently only available by invitation.

Invite Period (Closed):
Free Whitelist Accounts

Information on the invite period for free whitelist accounts is here.

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